Yes, It’s Halloween. It was my mother’s favorite holiday. When I was a little kid she would dress me up to look like a little old woman.This is no lie. In every single Halloween contest in which she entered me I won first prize. No Lie. I still have the little chicken feather pillow that she stuffed into my costume. There were two originally. One she stuffed on my bottom, and one she stuffed in my cute little chest. I was adorable. I can still see and hear the lady judges laughing at me. Maybe there’s a photo somewhere that I haven’t found.

Nowadays people buy their kids’ Halloween costumes at Walmart. Check this out. I found it at my local K-Mart:

Pretty hideous.

I’ll return to my wall cartoons tomorrow.

Bob the Zombie is trick or treating this week…


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7 Responses to Boo!

  1. Chris M says:

    I think you should re-enact this event. Surely Frau Grace can remodel an old pillow or two and contribute makeup. C’mon Bud, you should not tease us like this. The images in our mind are seriously detrimental to what we think of you!

    • Lasse Åhman says:

      You see!
      There are more of us fans that want to see photos of you in thrilling costumes and situations!

      • budgra5_wp says:

        OK. I have tons of old photos I haven’t been through yet. Not only was my mother a terrific costume designer, she was also a prolific photographer. Too bad she was as good at taking pictures as she was dressing me up.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      It would be cute if I were still four feet tall. I can still see myself. My mother was a wonderful mother. She was very funny without trying. Everybody loved her.

  2. Chris M says:

    There are thousands and thousands of miles between Lasse and me. You, Bud, are in the middle. So we urge you to do the right thing! The world is dependent on you.

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