And Finally..


I loved Bat Boy. (Should I start using this larger font? I know that some of you people are getting old like me, and those damn small letters are hard to see. And your hearing is going. Just like me. When a woman talks to me these days, I have to lean my head over to her mouth. Sometimes they push me away and give me a dirty look. Like I was looking for a little nibble or something. Another thing that rubs my bonkers is when people talk so darn fast I can’t understand them. I was watching that Sherlock Holmes movie on Netflix the other night. The one that is set in modern times and everybody is young. Martin Freeman played Arthur Dent. They talk so fast I don’t know if anybody can understand them. I certainly can’t.  Think about the REAL movie stars. Did Jimmy Stewart ever talk fast? No! Cary Grant? No! Gary Cooper? Clark Gable? Paul Newman? Harry Carey (one of my favorites)? John Wayne? No. You know how they speed up the audio on drug commercial disclaimers? “Anacanapanasan….will….cure… your… lumbago…. maycauseheartattacksdandruffbleedingfromgumsscurvymucuslesionsandingrowntoenails. You know what I mean. But back to Bat Boy.)

Who couldn’t love Bat Boy?!!

I had to redraw that one. Arnold’s leg sticking up and his bra

coming off was a little too much.

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7 Responses to And Finally..

  1. Lisa Bulger says:

    I had the Bat Child Found in Cave t-shirt, the baseball cap, and I still have the coffee mug. The shirt and the hat sadly wore out. I have another WWN shirt.

  2. Lisa Bulger says:

    A case of great minds thinking alike…or like attracts like…

  3. Meg Wright says:

    I love the new Sherlock, but I always watch it with the closed captions on so I can follow the dialogue – I can hear them just fine but my brain can’t keep up with translating the accents.

  4. I remember the good old days when the grocery store check-out-aisle
    newspapers were really good all the time, not just salacious gossip…

    A real one I’ll never forget: Man Cuts Off Own Head With Chainsaw and Survives!

    And there were always ones about Elizabeth Taylor… maybe I’m remembering
    these from Bloom County, ida know… Liz Marries Space Alien, Gives Birth To
    Lizard Child!


    • budgra5_wp says:

      I agree. In the aisles nowadays you see all those celebrity magazines. Like People Magazine. I don’t understand how people can find those celebrities so interesting. It’s kind of like Cosmopolitan. Every single issue seems to have an article about how women can have better sex. Right? Somebody there must be doing a heck of a lot of in depth research to come up with new ideas issue after issue.

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