One Last Word About Scrapple

For one thing, there’s pig parts in Scrapple that they don’t list on the package. Like ears and lips and “wink, wink-nudge, nudge”. For all you foreigners out there and just about anybody who doesn’t live in the Northeast, for a hot, crispy, mushy on the inside, taste bud tingler, there’s nothing like a plateful of fried eggs and a pile of the aforementioned pig parts in a greasy diner at four o’clock in the morning while you’re trying to sober up so you don’t get busted on your way back to your cozy bed.

I don’t know why I’m not rich. I have such brilliant ideas. Like my dual shower head for newlyweds who like to wash each other’s backs. Or my box full of cow manure in an acorn from a tree that George Washington planted that you put old Grandpa’s ashes in and bury in your backyard. Or (my best so far) Sleeping bags for dogs. Here it is: Open a Scrapple store in CHINA! If you’ve been around as much as I have you know that Chinese people will eat just about ANYTHING! Heck, they eat putrescent 100 year old eqqs and they think it’s a delicacy. Believe me they’ll eat ANYTHING! I’d make a FORTUNE selling Scrapple in Nanjing.

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2 Responses to One Last Word About Scrapple

  1. Ron Johnson says:

    Here in the mountains of NC, we have Livermush. I am told it and Scrapple are closely related. Same deal, fried crispy outside, mushy inside, and people either fanatically love it, or viciously despise it. I’m on the love end of the spectrum. Few thing in life are better than a fried livermush sandwich, with a slice of homegrown tomato and Duke’s Mayonnaise.

    Damn. Now I’m all hungry again.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      I’ve heard of Livermush. But I’ve never had the gastronomical pleasure of eating it. Just the name starts me salivating.

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