I Love Celery

I was at Lowes the other day and as I walked up to the check out, the cute little chubby check out girl was telling another clerk about how everything you eat makes you fat. I said “What about celery? It takes more energy to digest it than it has calories.” She said “Yes, I guess so, but that about all there is.” I said “What about lettuce?” She said “Well, I guess so but..” I said “Radishes.” She said” Radishes are hot.” I said “What about daikon radishes? They’re not hot.” She said “Well um…” Right! I guess I showed her a thing or two. (As I walked away, she probably said to her coworker “What an old fart.”)

The reason I mentioned this is because, as every lady homemaker knows, lettuce goes limp after a while in the fridge. And no lady homemaker likes a limp celery. Right ladies? Here’s what I do. I cut off the bottom of the bunch, put it in a container of H2O, and put it outside over night in 40 degree weather.

I’ll let you know tomorrow how nice and stiff it got.

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  1. Lasse Åhman says:

    It do is nice to tell people who don’t ask your opinion, what to do, isn’t it?

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