Guess What I Made Yesterday

And it only took me about eight hours. It’s a step to my front porch.

I haven’t painted it yet. It’s too cold. Right now it’s sn0wing. Geeze! I can’t wait to get back to Florida. Actually, I’m quite a carpenter. I should have gone into that line of work instead of drawing stupid cartoons.

This is from 2002.  BoBo was based on a feral cat that lived in our neighborhood on Anna Maria Island when I was a young teenager. He was a huge grey striped tabby. His head was about as big as a melon, and it was full of scars from all the fights he had been in. My sister named him Balls because he was endowed like a bull moose. He used to bring his lady friends around to get handouts from the neighbors. He wouldn’t eat when he was entertaining. He would just sit there and survey the neighborhood, on lookout for any ill-fated Lothario who might have the unfortunate temerity to insinuate himself on the dinner party. He was well liked among our neighbors. Many times we invited him in when he was solo, for leftover burger and a saucer of milk.

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7 Responses to Guess What I Made Yesterday

  1. Tommy Nyberg says:

    It would be a terrible loss to mankind if you had become a carpenter. Horrible thought, a life without Piranha club.

  2. John P. Lucas says:

    Bud –
    I watched your composing/drawing/inking videos on YouTube for the first time – amazing glimpses of the hard work envolved with the strips we just saw. Your skill and patience with an ink pen, and the way you can draw long, thin, straight lines freehand are definitely fine motor skills that can translate to a hammer and saw. I second the motion however – cartooning – yea, carpentry – nea. After all, how many laughs can you give to people building a dresser or a shed?

    • budgra5_wp says:

      There was a whole series of videos that I made back then. Writing and penciling, the whole works. YouTube doesn’t have them posted any longer. If somebody will remind me in a week or two when I’m back in Florida, I will make them available on the blog. Writing and drawing three daily strips was pretty much a full day’s work. Once Bill Rechin who drew Crock told me that he drew a strip in about 15 minutes.

  3. John P. Lucas says:

    Forgot – the swearing translates to carpentry, as well as to splitting atomic particles, and that damn relativity math…. Glad you chose what you did. A career to be proud of (you), and to be jealous of (me).

  4. John P. Lucas says:

    Can wait to see the videos when you get the chance! Thanks!

  5. Chris M says:

    I watched the whole lot over a couple weeks. As I said earlier, it taught me a great admiration for your work behind the scenes. I’m sorry that google finds you unblessed (deleting your content) so next time I will cache them so I can send them to talented youngsters as I stumble across them. Who woulda thunk it?

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