Swimming with Orcas

Mark S. sent me this link. Personally, I think the woman is NUTZ!

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Did you ever see a big manta ray? I’ve seen them twice. This is when I was young, just off Anna Maria Island where I grew up. They’re beautiful creatures. When I was in my early teens, my buddies and I used to hunt stingrays in Sarasota Bay. Like Queequeg in Moby Dick. I read the book when I was 15, and I loved the movie. I rooted for the whale. We’d stand in the bow of our little boat with a gig and hunt them like Gregory Peck hunted Moby. We figured we were doing a service, because they could be dangerous. Twice up on the Chesapeake in the creek by my house ( It’s called Oak Creek even though it’s not a creek. It’s about 150 yards across) the stingrays were evidently breeding. There must have been hundreds of the churning up the water. The last time was about five years ago. I was out in my blow up kayak. One old guy, he was huge, kept swimming up to to my boat. I would push him away with my paddle. I think he was old, nearsighted, and obviously in love with me. I don’t know if you are aware of the fact that captain John Smith was almost killed by a stingray in the Chesapeake Bay. This was during his first exploration, before Pocahontas saved his butt from being burned at the stake by her dad, Powhatan. I’ve read that John Smith was a shameless self promoter. Maybe he embellished the story. I’m rambling again.

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