Christmas Is a Coming

Speaking of my mother and her hula dancing. I still have one of her hula skirts. As a matter of fact this is my old man doing his thing, I’m guessing, in 1953:

On the right is our first trailer, a 25 foot Alma. I’ll post photos of it later. Behind my father, that old trailer and cabana, as we called them, belonged to Norm Byers and his wife and his little girl, Norma. Norma was about three years old then. The parents had her late in life. Mr. Byers was a wonderful guy. I remember his bald head and cigar. A couple times a year he would get several big buckets of sand, make a big pile in front of his trailer, and mix money in the sand. Then he’d turn us kids loose. How wonderful of him to give me such memories!

Oops. That one didn’t make it. This one did:

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  1. Joe Lewit says:

    Unbelievable that Rudolph being described as “stewed to the gills” was ever deemed unprintable! What you had to go through with your editors, Buddy. Commiserations.

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