This Time of Year…

This time of year, the week between Christmas and New Years, is when I used to publish my worst gags. I figured nobody much was interested, what with the holidays. Either that or they were hung over.

I finally got to my emails today. You know, sometimes emails go to my junk folder. I answer as many as I can. This past week I received a couple things that I would like to share. The first was from Fred E. Either the old guy is making things up, or it’s an interesting story.

Personally I don’t care much for Belgian beer. Hofbräu is my favorite. But this is the beer that Vinnie is talking about:

Tom J. Sent this:

My son likes to play Dungeons and Dragons. he invited us to do a Christmas themed game. he asked me who I wanted to be, he wouldn’t let me be Santa so I chose Firpo. I got to have a knockdown dragout fight with Krampus. Firpo got him pretty good; but Santa came in and finished him off and sent him back to hell. In my case Firpo was an ex boxer who had so many head injuries he did think he was Santa’s head elf. 

The reason I like this is, as I told Tom, about a year ago Loinfruit told me about a game where people take on the personas of their favorite monsters or villains, like Dracula or the Predator or Hannibal Lector etc. He asked me what evil villain I would be. Who can guess what bad guy I would identify with? I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Kristian J has a Swedish answer to Scrapple. At least he thinks so. His stuff actually looks good. As a matter of fact, I’ve had this stuff now that I think about it. I didn’t like it much.

Now if you want some really stinky Swedish food, take a bite of Surströmming. You have to watch a 15 second commercial first.

Finally, thank you Sandy B for this link. The writer is Bob Harvey who interviewed me about 20 years ago. So some of the stuff in the article is a little off base, and some of it isn’t real up to date. But here is it.

OK, now that Christmas is over, I’m going to retrieve comic strips from the archives at Ohio State. If you’ve already asked me, I should have the info. If not and if you would like something please email me as soon as possible.

As I said at the beginning, these next few days have gags that I didn’t think too much of when I drew them. Maybe they’re not as lame as I think. different strokes for different folks, right?

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  1. JOHN P. LUCAS says:

    Mother Packer knitting Brass Knuckles! This one is great! LOL. Either we our sense of humor’s are both alittle weird or the gag is legit. I know what my wife would say…

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