And the answer to yesterday’s quiz is…

SKELETOR! Man, what an evil villain he was!

I hadn’t looked at your comments till now, I was so busy the past week. Thank you for the good wishes. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Wayne commented on my picture of Christmas in the trailer. He mentioned his Grandmother, how she didn’t have a very nice home either. You know, I don’t complain. I think of the countless millions who live in squalor to this day. I’m very thankful for what I had and what I have now. But speaking of trailer life on Anna Maria Island, the water was pretty much undrinkable because of the sulphur. There were small brick buildings where they would spray the stinky water through holes in a pipe onto the floor, trying to get rid of some of the stink. The mosquitoes were terribly thick and voracious, and there was no air conditioning. And although we had stinky water, we had no toilets. We had to poop in pots. Every morning my mother would carry the pots to a dumping station.

Here’s a photo of the trailer at Christmas without me in the picture. This was our second trailer. It was bigger than the Alma, 32 feet long. It is still in the trailer park, although they built a enclosure around it. The table behind the tree collapsed. That’s where I slept.

Here’s another pretty lame gag:

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