Watch out for Those Champagne Corks

I’m changing the appearance of my blog, trying to get rid of that stuff on the right of the page. I may have trouble, so if things go wrong, you’ll know why.

From 2006:



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  1. Kristian Jonsson says:

    Finally, I made it! I have gone through every day from the beginning of Okt. 2017. For what reason? Was it necessary. Can it be considered sane?
    No, but nevertheless:
    I have to check out if a certain series of strips. It’s about when Dr. Enos (The Otorhinolaryngologist?) is going to an medical convent (I guess) but are not allowed to smoke on the flight.
    I am surprised nobody have asked for this. One of the funniest series of strips.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      About what year did it appear? Was it the story about Ingrowntoenailology? Did it involve a gorilla?

      • Kristian Jonsson says:

        It’s just about the struggle for Dr Enos when he is not allowed have a cig. (this is a infinite theme,I guess, if Enos is involved)

        Otorhinolaryngologist: Ear, nose, and throat. (Maybe something made in the Swedish translation.)

        What year? You know this is the most difficult question to ask a male.

        Anyway, these strips was so hilarious so I sawed them and glued them on a sheet of paper. Can I find it? In a box named: paper. I have a lot of boxes. On everyone I have written: Paper. Maybe deep down in one of them…..

    • kristian Jonsson says:

      Sorry, mean Dr Pork

  2. Chris M says:

    Somehow I find some humor that things might go wrong when the artist tries to change the appearance. Will you make a video?

    Happy New Year, Bud !

  3. kristian Jonsson says:

    Dr Enos was the name in Swedish:
    how stupid of me.
    I can’t be trusted!

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