Beach Movie

As I said yesterday, when I was a kid, it was called the Public Beach. The beach wasn’t as wide as it is now. This is because every ten years or so they replenish the beach on Anna Maria with sand from a couple hundred meters off the beach. While it makes a nice broad beach, about a hundred meters wide of white sand, it kills most of the shore line shellfish, mainly the tiny, pretty coquinas, and the small crustaceans that we used to call sand fleas.

This is a short video of the pavilion and the beach.

When I was a kid there were broad steps leading up to the roof of the building which was a flat deck back then. They changed that years ago. At the beginning of the video you had a glimpse of the little tiki bar. They serve lunch and breakfast. You can ge

t all the pancakes you can eat for six bucks. Another thing that amazes me down here is that people are hired to sing karaoke to the tourists. No kidding.

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