I’m a little under the weather today

Which reminds me of a story from my youth. The family had gone downtown for the day, and the cleaning lady stayed home to some cleaning. When she was finished she had a big tub full of dirty benzene to get rid of. For want of a better place, she dumped it down the two-holer in the back yard. The family returned later that day and Grandpa went out back to do some reading. He picked up the Sears Roebuck catalog, lit his pipe and tossed the match down orifice number two. Next thing he knows is the outhouse blows up and he’s flying through the air. He comes down rather hard in the pig sty, and shortly thereafter the entire family rushes out back, and Grandma says with all due alarm “What the heck happened?!” Grandpa says “I don’t know, it must of been something I et downtown.”

Speaking of which, this is one of my favorite Frank Crummit songs, The Specialist: 

The song was based on a short book by Charles “Chick” Sale in 1929. The book sold over two million copies. I have a copy somewhere. Here’s Jean Shepherd reading from the book. Jean Shepherd was a radio personality, story teller, writer and actor. You might remember the movie A Christmas Story. In one part the kid licks a frozen flagpole. I listen to Jean Shepherd rebroadcasts on an app: Old Time 24 / Insomnia Theater.

Here’s a YouTube film.

This Sunday was published January 7, 2018. It’s one of the last ones that I drew. I had drawn it as a daily over twenty years before, but I liked the gag so much that I turned it into a Sunday at the end.

Do you know what the stick leaning against the wall of the outhouse is for? You use it to knock over the top of thepile when it gets too high. Hence the old euphemism, “the shitty end of the stick”. I’m here to edify.



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