Our President…

Has said and done some mighty questionable things, but his latest assault on our environment has really upset me. To begin it, we are the only country in the world that has rejected the Paris Accords on global warming. And now were are doing away with emission standards for coal fired power plants and rolling back the protection of our wetlands. Yes, folks, it is now again ok for power plants to pollute our atmosphere and despoil our land and water with poisonous crap that will never go away. The relaxation of wetlands protection is especially repugnant to me, perhaps because I grew up playing in the mangroves of Anna Maria Island.

Just south and west of the City of Bradenton is a very large tract of agricultural land which is scheduled to be developed. Helping the farmers is bullshit. They developers are taking rich agricultural land and turning it into houses. OK. But the land is adjacent to what heretofore has been protected wetlands. The developers have been trying like hell to get permission to tear up the mangroves so they can put in a yacht basin. I’ll bet they get to do it now. It pisses me off to no end. North of this on Perico Island is a tract of wetlands called the Neal Preserve. Mr. Neal has been trying to build houses there for quite some time now.

One of the things that continually amazes me is that money seems to be the most important thing to so many people who have tons of it. I can understand why it’s so important to people who have none. With money the poor could have a decent home to live in. They could take care of their families. They could afford to go to the doctor. It makes sense. But why in the world is money the most important thing to so many multimillionaires? It just doesn’t make sense. I would like to tell our president that there are many things in our lives which are so much more important than money once we have enough. There’s family, health, laughter, friendship, our beautiful planet, and, perhaps most of all, love.

Speaking of developers and wetlands, from 2014:

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8 Responses to Our President…

  1. Bob from Delaware says:

    Thanks from addressing the current situation with our government. I know that you don’t usually delve into politics but I think that desperate times require desperate measures.
    Based o the the people that read this, you are preaching to the choir.
    You hit the nail on the head, it’s all about the effing money. Those that have it always want more and those that don’t can’t get any.
    Hopefully, this situation will be taken care of on or before 2020.
    Thanks for making us laugh so much over the years

  2. Tom says:

    Bud, you are dead on. Rolling back protection of our air and water makes no sense. Thx for posting.

  3. Kurt says:

    Absolutely right!

  4. Syd Schatzker says:

    Bud. You are absolutely right. Sadly this President’s behaviour and agenda appear to be self serving and politically motivated. His policies will only hurt the country and the people and undermine America in the world.
    Two more years to go……

  5. John Milton says:

    Things will only get worse. DJT is a lasting nightmare

  6. Lisa Bulger says:

    Well said. Spot on. What good is money if you have a toxic environment? Real wealth is not in a bank account.

  7. old guy from ca says:

    jerry brown in 2020

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