Farmer Buddy

While I was going through old family photos for that video I put together, I came across this article from the Bradenton Herald from 1961. I’m sure that my mother wrote the wrong year 0n the article. I graduated from Manatee High School (Go fighting Sea Cows!) in 1961, and I didn’t see Corky after that.

In our high school there were four groups of kids.  The downtown kids, the Cortez fisherman kids, the farmers, and the Island kids. I, of course, was an Island kid, and Corky was a farmer. But we were friends. It started in the eighth grade. He had broken his foot, and I carried his books from class to class for half a year. I went out to his farm twice. It was way out in East Bradenton. He showed his pet calf that he raised from a baby. He loved it so much. I went out there about six months later and his calf was gone. I asked him where it was, and he said “Oh, I slaughtered it.” Whew! I couldn’t be a farmer.

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  1. Lasse Åhman says:

    So there is the background to that you like cows.

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