Stan and Ollie

I went to see the new movie Stan and Ollie yesterday. Here’s a little review. First off I’ve always been a big fan of those early movie comedians. (I’ve mentioned how my father worked for Buster Keaton and Fatty Arbuckle. He once told me about watching Charlie Chaplin perform. I can still hear him saying “Buddy, he was the funniest man who ever lived”) Those early comedians can still make me laugh like a fool. And the funniest duo in the history of cinema was Laurel and Hardy. The film is mainly concerned with their final tour in Great Britain. I was hoping that it would be about them in their heyday, but no such luck. In the movie they’re old and a the end of their cojoined careers. I found the script maudlin, but the two actors were terrific. The film also takes some liberties with historical facts. Read about Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in Wikipedia. Here’s the movie trailer.  And here’s a link to the original sketch which was recreated in the movie. Billy Gilbert also made an appearance.

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  1. Tom says:

    OMG, can’t wait til we get to the punch line!

    • budgra5_wp says:

      The punch line is, assuming you’re talking about Poseidon, is that everybody in the Western Hemisphere and Africa and Europe and as far east as India, we’re all descended from the inhabitants of Atlantis, and all the ancient gods were actually royalty from Atlantis. I don’t know if this is true or not. I’ll ask Loinfruit.

  2. Mark S. says:

    Bo, if you have never read it, by all means read “The Laurel and Hardy Love Affair” by Ray Bradbury, it seems to appear at this link–

    Charming…they don’t write ’em like this anymore.

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