A Little More Stan and Ollie

Mark led me to this Ray Bradbury short story. The title is The Laurel and Hardy Love Affair. Thanks, Mark.

Bradbury mentions Marlene Dietrich in the story. Twenty years ago I used to hang out a certain piano bar. One of the patrons was an older lady, well into her eighties, and her name was Irene. You could tell that, as a young woman, she was very, very beautiful. And she was also very nice and personable. During WWII she worked for General Eisenhower in some capacity. When she first showed up at the European Theater army headquarters, she was assigned to a room and was told that she would be sharing it with a roommate. She entered the room and called out. Her new roommate answered that she was taking a shower.  Irene unpacked for a while and then her roommate walked out of the shower naked. It was Marlene Dietrich. After the war and during his presidency, Irene was Eisenhower’s social secretary.

I met her at the Canard, a French Restaurant and piano bar in Vienna, Virginia. She used to sing Young At Heart. As she grew older, each year she would change a lyric to reflect her age. Remember the line “…And if you should survive to a hundred and five, Think of all you’ll derive out of being alive… ” That’s the line she would change. One night on her birthday she asked me about the new lyric that she was working on. “And if you should survive to be eighty-seven…”  She said “The only thing I can come up with is ‘Think of all that you have, you’ll be in heaven'”. I said “Yes, that’s good.”

She died not long after that.

I really loved this gag

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5 Responses to A Little More Stan and Ollie

  1. Lasse Åhman says:

    When I was seventeen in 1967 I saw and heard Marlene Dietrich at The Tivoli in Copenhagen, Denmark.
    Something that I can tic off the bucket list.
    Today I am a bit surprised that I at an age of seventeen wanted to see her, but I did and I am pleased that I did.

  2. Tom says:

    Every strip in this series is a hoot!

  3. Tom Thomas says:

    This is definitely in the running for one of your best.

  4. Tom Thomas says:

    Prairie dogs are definitely rodents- type of ground squirrel

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