I’ll bet you never saw this…

The date on the cover is 1995. It was a photo shoot from 1994 for publicity, and the picture was later used for the National Cartoonist Society annual convention. When they did the shoot they had this cute little monkey to pose with me. They told me that she was very gentle and easy to work with. If you look closely at my crotch you can see that it’s all wet. As soon as they turned the monkey loose she dumped over a tray of champagne on me . She started screaming  and jumping all over me. They got her off me, but it was without question that she hated my guts. They posed her alone and then Photoshopped her in to the photo of me. See the tray that she’s sitting on? That’s the one she dumped on me. I still have that shirt.

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5 Responses to I’ll bet you never saw this…

  1. Joe Lewit says:

    Wow! Buddy the cover-girl for National Geographic!! And channelling Groucho Marx.
    My guess is that the monkey was simply passing a critical opinion on your taste in loud shirts.

  2. Lisa Bulger says:

    I love that photo – it’s on the back cover of ERNIE: OUT OF CONTROL.

  3. Lasse Åhman says:

    Blame the monkey. 🙂

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