Frank Crummit

I had a comment about black face impersonations, and it brought to mind minstrel shows, and then Frank Crummit who appeared in minstrel shows. I’ve mentioned him in past posts. He had a string of novelty hits from  the twenties into the forties.  I guess his two biggest hits were Abdul Abulbul Amir and The Gay Cabellero. He had some songs which were definitely minstrel songs, but most of them were not. Here are three good ones:

Ukelele Lady

Bootlegger’s Daughter

The Pig…


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  1. Chris M says:

    Here’s Frank Crumit singing and playing Abdul. It’s quite a saga.

    The Gay Caballero really made the big time, reprised by Cesar Romero, Johnny Desmond and Lalo Guerrero, arguably the father of Latin music.

    Mom and dad loved all of his songs. I grew up on them. Thanks for the memory (another song from the time).

  2. Lasse Åhman says:

    The Swedish singer//song writer Evert Taube recorded the same song in Swedish in 1928.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Yes, I know that. I have the Evertt Taube song book. I happened to be picking out a few of his tunes on the piano, and suddenly I said to myself “Wait a minute! That’s the “Gay Cabellero”!” Once I learned how to play his “Cuckoobird Song”. That was25 years ago. I was very bad at it. If you never have and if you are ever in Goteborg Sweden, you must visit the Evert Taube museum. Incidentally, The theme song of Laurel and Hardy was “Dance of the Cuckoos”. What’s the Swedish name of the Cuckoobird Song? I would like to post a link to it, but I cna’t find it on Youtube.

  3. Chris M says: for the whole tune.

    Background on it here:

    Which leads to “The Trail of the Lonesome Pine” in ‘Way Out West’. Did you know that Chill Wills sang the deep bass? for the song sketch.

  4. Lasse Åhman says:

    I searched, but found no song. I do have a vague memory, but that does not help.

    But I found this about Laurel’s and Hardy’s visit to Sweden. In Swedish…

    • budgra5_wp says:

      I’ll have to look at it next week. I’m leaving tomorrow morning on a cruise. Thanks. I’ll get my friend Lassse Gärdt to tell me.

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