Cheap Wine

In response to my video of Walmart’s wine shelf yesterday, Chris sent me this in Comments:

For your shopping experience, I offer this:

I believe this is a New Yorker cartoon. Good stuff. The cartoon I mean, not the wine. I’ve known quite a few New Yorker cartoonists from the past. I met them about 35 years ago. Just about all of them from back then. Jack Ziegler, Bill Woodman, Mick Stevens, Bob Mankoff, Arnie Levin, Peter Vey and Roz Chast who are still active, and my good friends, John Jonik and Peter Steiner. I probably showed you the portrait that Peter painted of me 15 years ago. I was visiting him at his home in the backwoods of Connecticut. He retired up there. (Yes, there are boondocks in Connecticut)

Peter is a fantastic artist. I believe he takes commissions if anyone is interested. The portraits that he paints are 12 inches by 16 inches. I guess he liked the painting that he did of me so much that he put it in the brochure for an he did exhibition at the German Embassy in Washington about 12 years ago.

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  1. Chris M says:

    Right you are, Bud, that did run in the New Yorker years ago, a copy of which hangs in my bar!

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