Ladies, If you are sensitive about nudity or religious dogma, you may want to click on the Oprah website

I watched the Monty Python Movie, The Life of Brian, on YouTube last night, and my historical and religious sensibilities were outraged! Why?! Why, you may well ask. Because that scene (deleted from the version I saw 40 years ago at the cinema) wherein Brian stood there before man and God, Brian was uncircumcised!  I’m a little nutz about historical accuracy. It’s like the Statue of David in Firenze (Florence), Italy that I saw 40 years ago.

Michelangelo's David 2015.jpg

I always had thought that it was a depiction of David from the Bible. Bull s**t! When I saw it, I realized that it was perhaps a gay boyfriend. Check it out.  Check this out too. Michelangelo was among the greatest of artists who ever lived. But I notice that the pubic fuzz on ol’ Dave was shaved a little high. Just sayin’.

OK, ladies, you can look now.

Here’s a Sunday from 1993 (Sorry, I don’t have the color file):

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3 Responses to Ladies, If you are sensitive about nudity or religious dogma, you may want to click on the Oprah website

  1. Lasse Åhman says:

    Was Brian jewish? Not an imigrant från Britain?

    And don’t you ask a bit to much of actors? With the rate people are killed in movies, with the accuracy you demand, there soon wouldn’t be any more movies made. 😀

  2. Chris M says:

    I much more enjoy the history of cartoons and cartoonists as you share with us. Outragism is a mark of our time and very boring.

    One thing leads to another. Why not talk about “The Meaning of Life”? How many fat (err, dietetically-challenged) men might wax unhappy over Mr Creosote and his amazing meal?

    To save tender eyes from offense, here is (of course) a cartoon representation:,h_350,q_70,strp/mr__creosote_s_after_dinner_mint_by_emperornortonii_dhn3zq-350t.jpg

    If I wanted to see and hear speculation masquerading as knowledge, I could watch TV news. With newspapers, it was easy to discard the uninteresting sections like the Front Page and go straight to the parts I like. For example, your cartoons!

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