And here’s another thing that really pees me off!

Remember when Skin Bracer came in 8 ounce bottles?! Ok. Then they went to seven ounces. (You bearded ladies out there ought to be outraged as well!) Dig this!

All of a sudden it’s down from 7 ounces to 5 ounces! The dirty bastards!

Right now I’m putting together the dailies from 1991 1and 1992. I hope to have the book available in about three weeks. I hope. The older I  get the harder it is to keep stuff straight. But here’s a little preview this week. This one is one of my favorites…

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  1. T Westerlund says:

    That’s a common strategy when companies want to raise prices, but they don’t want the customers to know. They reduce the package size but keep the old price. It’s a common strategy (not a very honest one, but common nonetheless).

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