Thank God and Greyhound

I’m home. My sister will be in rehab for another week.

You know how I love cats, right? She’s a cat lady. She has six indoor cats and a few more outside. The last 4 she saved from drowning when they were tiny kittens. Inside there’s Gracie, Petey, Harry, Louie, Rosie and Baby Cat who is the oldest. Geeze! And they loved to sleep on top of me. Some of the photos aren’t too good because I took them at night in the dark with my IPhone.




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2 Responses to Thank God and Greyhound

  1. Chris M says:

    Love cats, eh? I think not.

    I suspect that Bobo may be a real cat with whom you have been acquainted.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      No, but when I was a teenager thare was a feral cat that stalked the neighborhood. He was a huge tough grey tabby with a scar covered huge head. My sister named him “Balls” because he was so amply endowed. He would bring his harem through the neighborhood, howl at somebody’s door until the lady put food out for him. Then he would sit there while his girlfriends ate. Great cat.

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