Take me down to the levee, I said to the levee…

That line is from the song Waiting for the Robert E. Lee. My sister’s house is on the west bank of the river right across the street from the levee. And, boy, was the river high. And It’s going to get higher.

The trees along the bank are usually on dry land. The bridge in the background is the Huey P. Long Bridge. Huey was a famous populist governor of Louisiana back in the 1930’s.

Years ago it was very scary to drive across the bridge. It was very very narrow. A train trestle runs down the middle of it. Over the past few years they rebuilt it, and now it’s really terrific. This is a photo the bridge from the top of the levee upstream side:

If you look upstream from where I took that photo you see the Avondale Shipyard. For a while a few years back they stopped building ships there. But with the good economy it’s active again.

By the way, the first day when my sister’s godchild drove me to the house, there was a pair of bald eagles on one of the trees on the bank. I always get a thrill when I see bald eagles.

Here’s a Sunday from late March, 2011

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