Mado Salsa

Lisa B, who sent me the bottle of Mado’s Salsa, would like my report. I made chili and tacos a couple of days ago and tested her hot sauce. It’s not tomato based, so it doesn’t really go into my chili – by the way, I make great chili. I ought to move too Texas and enter one of those chili cook off contests – But it’s very good and different. It tastes like green pepper chili. Medium spicy. I used it as a condiment. I can see that it would be very good with some sort of  chicken enchiladas or something like that. I’ll try it when I get back. Thursday we’re heading up to my old stomping grounds to take care of some matters. I’ll be gone about ten days. My posts may be a little spotty till then. And thank you, Lisa.

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  1. Lisa Bulger says:

    Glad that you liked the sauce. No, not tomato based, but a great heat and texture and just the right amount of salt.

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