What Drives Me Nutz…

We’re at our house on the Chesapeake. I wanted to take a shower, but we seem to be out of soap and shampoo. Does your wife do this? We’ve been married 40 years. Every time we stay at a motel she takes those little bottles of stuff from the bathroom. So now we have this:

For 40 years she’s been collecting this stuff. And 95% of it is BODY LOTION. She never uses body lotion. Those four black ones on the left. All body lotion from Caesar’s Palace. We were in Las Vegas 20 years ago. Drives me nuts.

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  1. Lasse Åhman says:

    Does this means that we have Frau Grace to thank for your insane and wonderful humor?
    The timing points to that!
    Lots of thanks to her!

    And Herr Grace.

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