I have a rotten cold.







Oops. Can’t make jokes about the Salvation Army! (Incidentally, the Salvation Army is my favorite charity. They  d0 lots of good things for people. The CEO makes about $65,ooo per year. Compare that to the over $500,000 for the Ceo of the Red Cross. I’m not sure about the numbers. It’s hard to believe what you read on the internet.) I’ve given theSalvation Army two cars.) Here’s what was published.

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3 Responses to Tuursday

  1. Tom says:

    Been there earlier this year. First my wife came down with a bad cold. Sure enough, I was down with it a few days later. Guess it comes with the territory..

  2. Lasse Åhman says:

    Maybe time to order some surströmming?

    Get well soon.

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