Arnold Roth ctd.

I met Arnold about 30 years ago. It was coincidental that we both published in Punch a little earlier on, but that’s not how I met him. I met him through the National Cartoonists Society. I was a great admirer of his work, and he seemed to like me just fine. But then again, he seemed to like everybody just fine. (Incidentally, so did his lovely wife, Caroline) I don’t know what year it was, but it was in the early 90s, He drew two sketches for me. I think it was in two separate years.

The first was a quick sketch which he titled Popeye.

This next was a portrait of me. I think it was around 1991. Lynn Johnston and I had done a little act in a talent show where she sang Makin’ Whoopie and I did a funny routine along with it.

I sent him this Arnold strip from July 1991:

In return, although I never expected it, he sent me this magazine illustration. It probably appeared in Esquire, but I’m not certain.

Arnold is what I consider to be the last of the old-timers. I had a special place in my heart for those people. It’s not the same any more. God bless you, Arnold. Shalom.

This week it’s stand alone gags. the sequence followed the frog basketball story that I posted last week.


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