Heeee’s Back

Owen F asked me about the last commie. He appeared in 1992.He was based on a real character, a friend of mine whose name was Jim Zarichney. His mother and father, to my understanding, were communists. Jim , himself, evidently followed in their footsteps. When he was young he pursued two cases to the Supreme Court. I don’t know how far he got with them, although I do know that neither case was decided in his favor. I found this on the web regarding one of his cases. Most of you weren’t around for the communist witch hunt that was led by senator Joe McCarthy in the early 1950’s.  There was a law that said that if you were a communist you had to register as an agent of the Soviet Union. McCarthy and his right hand man, Richard Nixon, ruined quite a few lives. Incidentally, Walt Kelly, in Pogo lampooned both McCarthy and Richard Nixon. I remember the last strip where Nixon is worried about his future, and McCarthy tells him”Don’t worry, people forget.”

Here’s his first strip:

Here is Jim Zarichney. It was taken in my house in Tallahassee around 1979.

I just found this obituary for Jim. He died in 2013. And this.

Robert R sent me this link. It’s Coral Gables, Florida in, I believe if the Chevy is any indication, 1952. Florida has changed a lot over the years.


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5 Responses to Heeee’s Back

  1. Bob says:

    These dentist strips are just in time.
    I had a root canal today and another on scheduled for Friday.
    The dentist is a little better that Arnoldine.

  2. Lasse Åhman says:

    When I was 14 I did two weeks practise, look on and see what happens, at a dentist in Tegelbacken in Stockholm, Sweden.
    I had to assist when the dentist tried and failed too pull a toth.
    14 years old I handed cotton to the dentist and nurse much like what Arnoldine do in the strip.
    After an hour they send the poor patient to the hospital emergency. Still with the tooth hanging on, roots down the the patients feet ( I imagine.)

    Oh, and by the way, I never got to be a dentist.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      God, that’s Awful. Frau Grace had a root canal once and the dentist broke the drill off in her tooth and didn’t tell her. She was in pain for 6 months, and the dentist wouldn’t admit that there was anything wrong. She finally went to my guy who did a root canal on me a couple of years earlier, and he fixed it.

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