Eddie Pockey in Siesta Key

I’ve posted my friend Eddie Pockey, in the past. His family is vacationing in Siesta Key, about 40 minutes south of me. We met at the Siesta Key Oyster Bar, where he did a little gig. We also ate a ton of oysters, $7 per dozen at happy hour. Wow. I ate 2 and a half dozen. Mighty fine!

Here’s Eddie and Frau Pockey (Gail):

I made a Vimeo of some of his songs if you’re interested. He must know about a thousand songs. If you’re in Northern Virginia, you can usually hear him and his steel guitar pal, Brent, at Pistone’s Italian Inn on Friday nights. That’s at Seven Corners in Falls Church, and it’s also one of my hangouts. Click here.

Uh oh…

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