Happy Mother’s Day

To all of you mothers, God bless you. My mother has been gone 15 years. I’ve showed some photos before…

My mother and her mother, 1934:

I was two years old here:

In her nephew’s boat:

I showed this photo of her in my birthday video. It was a party/show at the trailer park.  The show was hyped with signs that read “THE THING IS COMING!” “BEWARE OF THE THING!” She sat hidden in that box behind her for quite a long time before she popped out:

At her trailer about 1975:

Here’s another photo of her in front of her trailer:

My sister was the manager of the Jazz tent at the New Orleans Jazz Festival for many years. My mother lived with her for several years before she passed away. She loved dancing in front of the crowd. She became pretty well known:

When I was six I gave her this card on Valentine’s Day:

I miss you Momie.

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