I’m in Seattle

We’re staying with our friend, Dr. Fang, and his squeeze, Marlene. And my IPhone broke on the plane. It happened before. If you have an IPhone, and if you’ve ever had the screen get those vertical lines, you know what I mean. It happened to me once before several years ago, and I bought some tools that you need to fix the problem. But they’re back in Florida. So I’m out of luck. Mine is a 5s which is almost obsolete. Maybe I have to buy a new one. I did manage to get a couple photos. Dr. Fang lives on Puget Sound. Here’s the view:

In the background you can see the Olympic Mountains. It’s beautiful. This next shot isn’t quite as lovely:

It’s Dr. Fang cooking fish.

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  1. Tanel says:

    Beautiful spring weekend here. Enjoy! It’s going to rain soon

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