Denali Today

We took a tour into Denali National Park today. It’s absolutely grand. If you ever go to Alaska you must see the park. Along with Denali State Park it encompasses over 6.3 million acres. And unlike Yellowstone, it’s not overrun with people. Private cars are not allowed into the park beyond twelve¬† miles. That’s where the pavement ends.¬† You don’t have all those traffic snarls and honking horns. You have to go in park busses, which reminds me of my days in high school. We had two bus drivers back then in my diliquent youth. The first one we called Oswald. I don’t know what his real name was, but at the end of his run (My old man’s trailer was at the end of the line) he would be shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. The second was Mr. McKinney. I’ve talked about him before. He used to drag me and Larry Jerome into the principal’s office on a regular basis. It’s a wonder the two of them didn’t go postal. But I digress.

We saw caribou, moose, a grizzly, and some of the most spectacular scenery that I’ve ever experienced in my life. When I get home I’ll organize my photos and show you some of them.

Tonight we’re staying at the Talkeetna Lodge (pictures to follow) What a beautiful place. I highly recommend it. First really good food we’ve had on the trip. As I said, I’ll post photos when I have time to sit down and organize things. Meantime:

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