An Enlightened Conversation

It will take me a while to organize the photos from my trip to Alaska. And it will be difficult because we’re leaving for our place in Maryland on Friday. But I thought you might appreciate the conversation that ran without a pause for an hour and fifteen minutes in the shuttle on the way from the Tampa airport. The lady in the back street kept calling me a spit eating vampire cannibal and shouting “Praise Yahweh!”. The man was the driver.

When we got to the lady’s house she wanted me to see her car:

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3 Responses to An Enlightened Conversation

  1. R Rheinboldt says:

    The question is if they attract you or you attract them.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      They were two characters. The driver knew everything there was to know, and the lady knew almost every thing in the Bible. They didn’t stop talking the entire time.

  2. Bob says:

    Did you deny being a “spit eating vampire cannibal”
    I mean, you are very good at drawing cannibals and vampires.

    Technically, we all eat spit.

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