At Dr. Fang’s House

My friend, Dr. Fang lives just south of Seattle on the Puget Sound. It’s beautiful there. I took these shots from his deck.

The wooded area is Seahurst Park. We went walking there on two occasions.

You can see the Olympic Mountains to the west across the Sound. Here’s a close-up:

Here’s that scene at sunset:

Dr. Fanf took us to Blake Island Park, only accessible by boat.

It’s covered with old growth forest.

In his neighborhood the spring flowers were in full bloom:

A couple days ago I posted a video of a fight between a golden eagle and a bald eagle. Here’s the Golden eagle. He was perched on a big rock on the beach.

And finally, the indomitable Dr. Fang and his squeeze, the lovely Marlene and herlovely dog, Blondie.

Thanks, Fang. Time to sober up.

Since I just got back from a cruise, I thought I’d post that story I posted a while backĀ  about the cruise I took 18 years ago.

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