Lynn Johnston

As I said yesterday, Lynn Johnston is among the very best newspaper cartoonists in the history of newspaper cartoons, and I’m pleased to count her among my friends. Not only is she a great cartoonist, more importantly she’s a terrific human being. If you read For Better or for Worse, she’s exactly as she portrays herself therein.

A few years ago she moved from Northern Ontario back to her hometown, Vancouver. In fact she bought a house in the same neighborhood where she grew up. She met again her old high school classmate, Paul, and now they’re an item. And having met him, I think she made a good choice.

The day we arrived in Vancouver, she and Paul took us to Grouse Mountain, up the ski lift for a delightful dinner. On the way is Capilano Lake:

Here are the gondola and the mountain:

Here we are at dinner in the lodge restaurant on top of the mountain:

There is a beautiful view of the city from the lodge:

More tomorrow…

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