I’m Fixing My Floor

Whaddya think? My house on the Chesapeake Bay was built in 1896. Occasionally I have to fix things.

Oh my God! I’ll keep you posted.

More on Alaska tomorrow.

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7 Responses to I’m Fixing My Floor

  1. Lasse Åhman says:

    Nice holes!
    But what is it when you look down and inside?

  2. Bob says:

    Replacing the heating duct work?
    Can’t get to the crawl space?
    Have fun

  3. Chris M says:

    I’m betting that Frau Grace dropped her diamond ring down the hole. It was so heavy that it punched through the steel duct. We all know how rich these cartoonists are.

    • Syd says:

      Looks like you need a new floor.
      This calls for a professional.

      • Bob says:

        Naw, a little duct tape and some wood-filler will work

        • budgra5_wp says:

          Ok. I love food jokes. Everybody has eaten a bad meal. I made up lousy food joke for three reasons. First, they’re funny. second everyone has had a really bad meal, and third, nobody’s going to complain and get me thrown out of a newspaper.

      • budgra5_wp says:

        Check it out in a couple days. Here on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake it’s hard to get anybody who will work for you without trying to rip you off. I’m serious. Read Chesapeake by Mitchner. And in other parts of the good old USA I’m known as Handyman Buddy.

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