Train to Denali

From Anchorage we took a sight seeing train to Denali National Park.

We took the photos through the train glass, and so occasionally there was a little glare from the glass. The train took about four and a half hours to get there. We were treated to beautiful weather, something they told us was quite rare. The park headquarters are at the northeast end of the park. The scenery all the way was nothing short of spectacular. There were just a few small towns that we passed.

That’s Denali about a third of the way in from the left. We were about thirty miles away. Here’s a close up, taken from the train.

Bob pointed out in Comments, I posted the same strip twice. He says I must be getting old. Correct. So just to be sure, here is the whole darn week:

That waterfall was awful. Once you got in there was no turning back. People were breaking their legs. Medivac helicopters were thick as flies on cow poop.

Oops. That one didn’t make the cut.

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3 Responses to Train to Denali

  1. Lasse Åhman says:

    Very nice!
    Alaska do look like Norway, but B I G G E R.
    A lot bigger!

    A strange request: Do you any more photos of the train?

  2. Lasse Åhman says:

    Thank you!
    It would be nice to take that train ride with a view.
    Sweden is more flat, grinded flatter by the gaciers in the ice age.
    I searched for scenic train rides in Sweden and on hit to “inlandsbanan”.
    Then I tried the same with Norway:…44832.49567..50864…0.0..0.166.924.11j1……0….1………33i10.nKpKctajymQ&ei=k2UGXaOXK6yA3AOplqWIDQ&prmd=imsvn

    Strange with two countries lying side by side and the geography is totaly different.
    Thanks again for the train photos!

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