Evenb More Ketchikan

Ketchikan is a big island. Even our bus driver didn’t know that. We went south about 30 miles to a nature preserve. It wasn’t very impressive. I was expecting an old growth forest. The only big trees were the ones that were so sorry that the loggers didn’t cut them down.   

When we got down to the water the eagles were all over the place. I got a photo of about 15 of them in the inlet, but my IPhone was new. I downloaded them to my Airbook, but now I can’t find them. They may be on the Cloud. I’ll see if I can recover them when I get back home. Just now I’m busting my sorry butt working on my old house on the Chesapeake.

This was where the totem place was that I showed you yesterday. There is also a bird rehabilitation and  sanctuary. All he birds are rescues.

She only has one wing. Snowy owl:

I have some neat videos somewhere, assuming I can recover them. Then we had an all-you-can-eat dungeness  crab party, all you can eat in an hour. The waitresses talked about how to eat a crab for 15 minutes before they threw one on my plate. Hell, I could eat a rhinoceros without instructions if I were hungry enough.

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