The Hubbard Glacier

You’ve probably seen the huge glacier calving on tv. That’s the Hubbard Glacier. Here we are approaching it at a very slow speed because of the icebergs.

It’s pretty amazing, although when our ship was there the calving didn’t happen. It’s more active in the warmer summer months as you might imagine. And we could see the beautiful blue color. On the left of the glacier it’s very dark. That’s from the dirt and ground rock it picks up on the way to the sea. The ice at the edge of the glacier is about 10,000 years old.

It’s real big. What you see in the photo is 4 miles of it. There’s another 3 miles behind the land on the right. And it’s high,

between 400 and 500 feet high. See that ship in front of it. It’s a pretty big ship.

It’s the QEII. We only got within 2 miles of it. She was much closer. In fact, the next week she did the same thing and got iced in.

I’m on the train just now, going from Northern Virginia. I’ll be back in Florida tomorrow.


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  1. Chris M says:

    That’s a different ship. Since 18 April 2018, she has been operating as a floating hotel in Dubai. More info at Wikipedia.

    Cunard has a newer ship called the Queen Elizabeth which you may have seen. It’s on the Vancouver to Alaska circuit now

    • budgra5_wp says:

      That’s the one. The gal who was making the announcement aboard the Sausage of the Seas called it the QEII. Thanks for the correction.

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