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Robert R. emailed me about my wormwood, and I gave him some info. You might be interested. Here’s what I wrote back to him:

The plant is an artemisia. I’m not sure if summerwood is the species they use to make absinthe, but it is certainly similar. It seems that a variety of artemisia may be referred to as wormwood. I believe the aroma is the same. When I was a kid they told me that absinthe rotted the brain. Well, I didn’t need wormwood to do that for me. My brain is pretty far gone without stimulants. And it turns out that what they said isn’t true…
What I do is dry to herb for about a week and then put a bunch of it into a bottle of vodka. In a week, it’s pretty good. I was taught to do this by my Swedish friends. It makes a fine aquavit.

In Sweden they say “akvavit”. They pick the wild herbs along edges of ponds and lakes. The stuff is great. Not only does it taste great, assuming you have the palate for it, but the odor will drive away all sorts of nasty insects, including moths and fleas.

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  1. Pieter says:

    Nothing more satisfying than homemade akvavit/brännvin – as long as it is Artemisia absinthium. Artemisia is a large and diverse genus! One needs the correct species for the best taste. Try next time with fresh cuttings infused in vodka and sherry!

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Perhaps I can buy absinthium online. The first summerwood that I bought about 6 years ago was from a mail order place in Oregon. I later found that most good nurseries have a variety of artemisia in stock. But I’ve never seen absinthium. Summerwood is very good. If absinthium is the best, I’d like to taste it.

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