Whale Watching

We took a whale watching tour out of Anchorage. First I got this nice shot of an eagle on the dock as we were getting on the boat:

After a few days I learned that spotting eagles was no big deal. They’re all over the place.

The boat we went out on also did environmental work for some government agency. They monitored traps, the main reason was to track the advance of an invasive species, the green crab. so far none have been found in Alaskan waters. The trap that the tour guide pulled up had a ton of hermit crabs, several lyre crabs, and a species of dog fish. I have clips of that in the video. We also saw lots of sea lions. There are two humpback mothers and their pups in theĀ  waters around Anchorage.The final clip in the video clearly shows one pair. We must have seen at least eight different whales.

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