The Red Dog Saloon

It’s in Juneau. This is the last of Juneau. Sure , it’s a tourist bar, but it was a lot of fun. The musical interlude was provided by The Great Baldini.

Did you notice the revolver and the sign under the bear?


This is one of my favorite stories. From 1990:

By the way, I know how to spell “cigarettes”. I did it like that to save space.

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2 Responses to The Red Dog Saloon

  1. S maltophilia says:

    Seems like a legit way to spell it:
    I’m not gonna buy that article, but the preview contains a reasonably intimidating equation.
    If you really wanted to save space, there’s always the British colloquialism….

    • budgra5_wp says:

      My friend and fellow cartoonist, John Jonik buys American Indian cigarettes. He claims, and I believe him, that commercial cigarettes are loaded with chemicals, some of which are there to make them more addictive and other chemicals are there for god knows what. I understand that typical cigarettes contain over a hundred added ingredients. The cigarettes that John buys are pure tobacco, and I believe the paper doesn’t contain glycerin which is used to keep the things lighted. Jonik is in his late 50’s and has Smoked all his life. Google him.

      My friend and fellow cartoonist, Arnold Roth, has smoked Camels all his life. He’s 92.

      The article that S Maltophila quotes hcontains a mathematical formula for something they call Vital Capacity of the lungs. But the reason he posted it was to show that the spelling “cigaret” is accepted.

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