The Red Onion

Not to be confused with the Red Dog in Anchorage. The Red Onion is in Skagway. Back during the gold rush it was a brothel. Then it became a tavern. But with the great influx of tourists, it was turned back into a brothel. Of sorts.

You are greeted at the door by a questionable lady of the evening (Although it was about 6:00 pm).

Then you go in through a back door where some broad gives you a free glass of hooch.

There are nice pictures on the wall…

Then you go upstairs.

It’s the original wallpaper from 1898.

This is what they wore.

This is a bad shot of Diamond Lil’s (the Madam’s) boudoir.

This is her bed.

She was mighty fine. (Assuming you had been sleeping with your sled dogs all winter)

The guide said that Diamond Lil ended up as a hotel maid in San Francisco.

That was Frau Grace who knew the answer. Remember Paul from a few weeks back? Lynn Johnston’s boyfriend. He’s a professional musician. He lived in Diamond Lil’s boudoir for a few years as the entertainer at The Red Onion before they turned it into a whore house tourist trap. Mighty fine!

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