What Really Pees Me Off

I’ve probably mentioned this before. It’s people with no scientific training whatsoever who know more about science than scientists. The ice caps are melting. Europe is burning up. Sea levels are rising. Species are approaching extinction. Our planet is well on its way to disaster. And yet certain people, especially people in power, deny the validity of scientific research. Money is far more important to them than the survival of our planet Earth, as we know it. They get their science from the news media.

I have one friend who says why should we do anything because China releases more greenhouse gasses than we do. WHAT?! First, we are worse than they are per capita. Second, and even more important, because somebody else is destroying our planet, we should be just as horrible as they are?! It just doesn’t make sense. I thought America was supposed to be leading the world. But  no. This mindset is to the contrary. If some country is harmful, we are justified to be just as harmful.

Several years ago one of my climate change denying friends wouldn’t let up. He continually laughed at those who believed that greenhouse gasses cause atmospheric warming. I finally said to him “Bob (not his real name), what’s the Second Law of Thermodynamics?” to which he replied “Duh”. I said “You’re not qualified to lecture me on physics.” He never mentioned it after that. But you don’t have to be a PhD physicist, meteorologist or oceanographer to understand that we are facing an immense problem.

The fact is that the various atmospheric gasses have different thermodynamic properties. This is easily demonstrated in the laboratory. It’s like different liquids have different boiling points. How can anyone with a modicum of intelligence deny it? They do if all they care about is money. And, sadly for the rest of us, we and our planet are paying the price.

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  1. Tom Brink says:

    Well said Bud..

  2. Chris M says:

    It’s very human to attribute change to people. After all, we can’t effect much on large processes, no matter how smart or powerful we think we are.

    Apocalyptic sea-level rise (and other dire warnings) may simply be just a thing of the past. By this I mean look backwards in time a little. A couple of warmings come to mind. The Roman one, ending in about 200AD, and the Medieval Warm Period from 900–1100 A.D. This latter is well known to our Scandinavian friends.

    And about 15000 years ago, the draining of glacial Lake Missoula was an event you would not want to have been around. That is a truly great story everyone should discover.

    These three stories are in the so-called Age of Anthropomorphism, a fond term of the doomsday crowd of believers. All are long before internal combustion engines and industrial invention. Look to the geologic record. You will see how unimportant we are, as are the plans from the brain trust.

    Residents of Florida have much to thank themselves for, but that’s another story.

    • Christer O says:

      We are not unimportant to the climate change as the deniers claim we are. There have been changes in local climate as recorded in historical records, but they have typically been contained to a region. What we see now is a global pattern, which appears to mainly consist of Earth’s cyclic variations, but with a good push from human activity – and not just the last 200 years industrial development. We can go back some 2,000+ years to the agricultural development when we began chopping down and burning our forests. It was on a smaller scale in those days but still a beginning. (Ref. to statistics on deforestation)
      The warm period ~1,000 years ago, was followed by the “little ice age” between the years 1300-1700 – but both these periods seem to have mainly affected Europe.
      Anyhow – the present leadership of the so-called free world doesn’t care…..

    • budgra5_wp says:

      It’s true that climate changes over the centuries. But the fact remains that different species of gas have different thermal properties. That is undeniable. Shouldn’t we do all we can to help our planet?

  3. Fred Brewer says:

    Oh, lordie, another one!! @Chris – The warming events you refer to were regional weather phenomena. What we’re seeing now is global. Our industrial activity over the last century and a half has created conditions not seen on Earth in over 800,000 years. Thousands of actual scientists have conducted research and analysis based on centuries of data, and anyone with two dry brain cells to rub together will pay a lot more attention to them than to someone who still hasn’t figured out the difference between weather and climate!!


  4. Bob (My real name) says:

    Bud, you are absolutely right.
    I do have a PhD in chemistry and do know all about the second law of thermodynamics.
    Just like most things in the world, it is all about the money (especially in the government).
    We have accelerated the cyclical climate changes. We are generating gases that have never been seen in these concentrations before.
    Thank you Bud for shining light on this. But if course you are a physicist and know how these things work.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      For those of you who didn’t study physics, the Second Law of Thermodynamics says the entropy can’t decrease.

  5. Chris Brits says:

    First time ever I read the comments before the cartoon!

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