It’s Thursday and it’s raining barrels

This summer, over all, it’s been hotter in the Northeast than it’s been in Florida. If you’re  up there, why don’t you move down here and cool off?

You never know, there might be some good aspects to climate change. Maybe Florida will become a paradise weather-wise in the summer as well as in the winter. Maybe the Sahara Desert will become a fertile plain. Maybe.

I think I got out of proper sequence with the Sister Sid story. I’m picking up where I left off yesterday.

In case you don’t know, Ripple is a fortified wine that bums seem to like. It’s like Mad Dog 20-20 (Mogen David. The 20-20 has to do with the achohol content, 20%)

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4 Responses to It’s Thursday and it’s raining barrels

  1. Carlos LDera says:

    I hate to break it to you, but “yesterday” was July 31st, not July 29th.

  2. Carlos LDera says:

    I think a computer calendar or two is also confused. I wrote “…..yesterday” was July 31st, not July 29th.” on August 1st but it shows as August 2nd (12:27 am).

    That could make sense since (make something outta that word combo) I’m in California and if I sent it at 9:27 PM it would show as the next day at 12:27 am in Florida.

    However, coma, your reply shows as 8:05 PM on the 2nd which should mean it was sent at 5:05 PM California time……except I’m writing this at 1:25 PM (meaning 4:05 PM in Florida).

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