At least I think it’s Friday.

I have to put a photo in here to get the comic strip below  date stuff on the right.

These were two of my friends during my first year in graduate school. Jimmy, on the left, passed away about 7 years ago. Louie Capone, in the middle, was my roommate as an under graduate. He was an interesting fellow. And yes, he said that his grandfather was Al Capone’s cousin. He had a nearly photographic memory. When he was a kid he was scheduled to go on the TV show The $100,000 Challenge. I think that’s what it was called. His topic was baseball statistics. He knew all there was to know. Unfortunately the Charles Van Doren scandal came along, and both the $64,000 Question and Louie’s show were cancelled. And Louie was legally blind. He had about 5% vision in one eye. But he could remember everything he ever saw. I used to sit there with him, and we’d do physics homework together. I’d have to read the problems. He went on to earn a PhD in physics at the University of  Florida. Not only was he blind, he had a terrible congenital heart condition. Between his junior and senior years he had open heart surgery and recovered. He never told me that he was going to have it done. Before that, if you listened to his heartbeat, it sounded like a washing machine. His father had the same operation that summer and died. He had one serious medical crisis after another. And he’s the one who introduced me to and started my love for opera. I collected old red seal RCA 78’s in junk stores. Back then you could still find them. When we parted I gave him all my old classical records. Some of them turned out to be quite the collectors items. I particularly recall Caruso’s Vecchia Zimarra and and aria by Ricardo Strachiari. Back in 1972 I visited him in California. I doubt if he is still alive. God bless him.

That’s U No Hoo on the right.

The Flying Nun was a TV sitcom in the late sixties. It starred Sally Field. It was really stupid, but it was popular. I think I watched half of one episode.

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2 Responses to Friday

  1. Bob says:

    That is a great picture of classic science nerds.
    The only thing missing is some pocket protectors.
    Seriously, great picture.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Thanks. Jimmy on the left was a computer programmer. He was kind of strange. As for me, I wasn’t much fun. All I did was work and study. How stupid. I should have been drawing cartoons instead of being in college. At that time, 1965, I was on a NASA fellowship. What a waste of money.

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