Loinfruit’s Theory

Did I ever explain Loinfruit’s theory behind all the earthquakes and forest fires and volcanoes and tornadoes and hurricanes and you name it? Loinfruit believes that our Mother Earth is a sentient being, not in the way that we envision life to be, but the earth has life of a sort that we can’t understand. Right now Earth knows that she is sick. She has an infection, and all the terrible natural events that we’ve been experiencing is her way of curing her disease. If you think about it, when we get sick with an infection, we become full of germs, bacteria and/or viruses and/or amoebas etc. Our bodies naturally try to kill and flush out the microbes. Earth  is sick and she is doing the same thing. And guess what the germs are. Any comments?

Here’s a Sunday from 1994. Sorry, I don’t have the color files for the early Sundays.

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3 Responses to Loinfruit’s Theory

  1. Terry Reed says:

    Here’s a link to a cartoon I saw several years ago. It seems appropriate. It also looks like something that will fit with your sense of humor.


    Thanks for your daily blog entries and the past strips. I enjoy hearing your stories and seeing the strips.

    Terry Reed
    State College, PA

  2. Carlos LDera says:

    “Earth is sick and she is…..naturally try to kill and flush out the microbes….. guess what the germs are.”

    It makes sense. At least one of the wet farts solidified into Donald Trump.

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