I was asked to post this story about when Zerblat showed up. I have three new collections ready to publish. This story fromĀ  1992 is in one of them. But I’ll be a nice guy and post it. I hope to have all the dailies published by the end of next year. I have to get everything approved by King Features (why do you think they call it a ) syndicate. I hope somebody buys a few of them. Geeze






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4 Responses to Zerblat

  1. Chris M says:

    Hate to be a n00b, but how does that work? All of your strips are ‘Belong To Us”, as the old pre-intarwebs email went? Sheesh and double sheesh!

  2. Kristiina says:

    Thank you for the Zerblat comic! I promise to buy a dailies collection if I can. There are lots of strange restrictions here with buying and delivering books here where I live. Probably because most companies don’t want to bother with copyrights for a tiny country.

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