Today’s Cooking Lesson

As everybody knows, I’m the world’s greatest chef. It’s a wonder I’m not in Paris slinging hash for Jacques Chirac or whoever their president is now or somebody. Ok, maybe you don’t believe me, but here’s something you can believe. I made spaghetti and clam sauce the other day. Look what happens when you drain a can of Bumble Bee clams:

I also happen to be a world class clammer. I have a spot on the Northern Shore of Long Island you wouldn’t believe.

Check out these Vidalia onions I roasted the other day:

They look mighty delicious! At least to me they do.

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4 Responses to Today’s Cooking Lesson

  1. Pat Hascall says:

    – O.K. We’re awaiting your recipe.

  2. Bob says:

    When you make spaghetti and clams, you don’t drain the canned clams. You add the whole can along with the delicious juice. I also add a few bottles of clam juice.
    Of course I also add some shrimp to make shrimp, clams, and spaghetti.
    Do not waste that delicious clam juice.

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