Ok, I’ve always wanted to do a TV cooking show. Maybe I’ll do that. Pat Hascall wants one of my recipes. Does anybody remember about 25 years ago I held a recipe contest? I was able to find some of the entries. For example:

Effie`s goat-testicle stew, with mashed potatoes and fried Brussels sprouts

1. Get a pair of goat-testicles. ( if not elsewhere, available in Greece and
at any large farm)
2. Boil the testicles in natural saltwater.
3. Throw a few unions, a bunch of chilepeppars and some celery in the
in the pot. Let it boil for approximately 1 hour or two.
4. Boil som potatoes in natural saltwater.
5. Mash the potatoes with som juice from the stew, and a cup of
6. Fry some Brussels sprouts.
7. Serve!

Alright, that´s the best I can do with a lexicon and a lousy English. Have a great summer!

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  1. Divad says:

    I remember the cooking contest well. I sent in a chocolate pudding/sauerkraut recipe that a group of us invented on a boy scout camping trip. Then I found out there are legitimate recipes for sauerkraut chocolate cake.

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